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Sustainable Finance Initiative is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.


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Spring 2024

Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFI) Seminar

Join SFI’s monthly seminar on the third or fourth Thursday of the month to meet our faculty and fellows and learn more about our ongoing research projects. We’ll cover innovative policy and financial mechanisms designed to rapidly decarbonize the global economy. Visit our Events page for details and to register.

If you'd like more information or have questions, please email Katie Taflan Cerneka at

Climate Displacement, Migration, and Mobility

Addressing climate displacement is one of the central sustainability challenges facing current and future generations. The climate crisis is already driving people to move. According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, approximately 31.8 million people around the world were displaced by floods, storms, fires, and other weather-related hazards in 2022 alone. Coastal communities in the U.S. and beyond are already in the process of planning relocation to escape erosion, rising sea levels, and other slow-onset effects of climate change. Displacement has significant economic, social, psychological, and cultural costs. Yet persistent knowledge gaps on these costs and how to mitigate them impede the efforts of leaders, advocates, and policymakers who face climate displacement challenges today. 

Join us for a one-unit seminar, ESS 234/HUMRTS 224, as we explore how to make sense of the human impacts of climate change on individuals, communities, and governments - and, in particular, on the ways in which the climate crisis is already forcing people to move or reconfigure their communities. Joined by a series of guest speakers who bring personal, policy, and scholarly expertise to this emerging issue, this seminar will speak to the phenomena of both internal and cross-border migration driven by climate change. The seminar will focus on both understanding the challenges that come with the climate crisis as well as proposed solutions to these challenges and opportunities for correcting past injustices and harms. Possible thematic focuses for our discussions include: (1) Legal, policy and governance implications of internal versus cross-border displacement, (2) The nexus of climate with conflict/public health/agriculture as drivers of migration, (3) Individual- vs. community-centric displacement solutions (e.g., household buyouts vs. community planned relocations), and (4) Indigenous sovereignty and rights in context of climate-related migration.

Instructors: Chris Field, Rwaida "Rudy" Gharib, and Janet Martinez

If you'd like more information or have questions, please reach out to the instructors listed above directly.

Directed Reading/Research in Environment & Resources

Under supervision of an E-IPER-affiliated faculty member on a subject of mutual interest. In order to enroll in ENVRES 398/399, joint M.S. students must submit an Independent Study Agreement for approval. May be repeated for credit.

SFI-affiliated Instructors: Jeffrey Ball and Alicia Seiger

If you'd like more information or have questions, please reach out to the instructors listed above directly.

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