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Sustainable Finance Initiative is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.


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Seminar Videos

SFI Seminar: IRA - Climate Policy for the Real World

Speaker: Uday Varadarajan
Date: May 2023

SFI Seminar: Decarbonizing the Built Environment

Speaker: Lam Khee Poh
Date: May 2023

SFI Seminar: Accelerating Climate Innovation and Investment

Speaker: Henry Gonzalez
Date: April 2023

Energy Seminar: Capitalizing on Coal: Early Retirement Options for China-Backed Coal Plants

Speaker: Alex Clark
Date: March 2023

SFI Seminar: The Road to Climate Stability

Speaker: Alicia Seiger
Date: January 2023

Energy Seminar: Meeting The Moment: Prime's First 10 Years & What Comes Next

Speaker: Sarah Kearney
Date: October 2022

SFI Seminar: State Capitalism and Climate Change: The Decarbonization Challenge

Speaker: Arjuna Dibley
Date: April 2022

SFI Seminar: Low Carbon Scenarios for the Power Sector in Botswana

Speaker: Yong Jun Baek
Date: February 2022

SFI Seminar: High-Carbon Infrastructure in the Developing World

Speaker: Jeffrey Ball
Date: January 2022

Energy Seminar: Navigating the Road to Net Zero

Speaker: Thomas Heller and Alicia Seiger
Date: October 2021

SFI Seminar: Improving Electricity Markets through Improving Electricity Governance

Speaker: Shelley Welton
Date: March 2021

SFI Seminar: How Much Does It Cost to Hedge Climate Risk?

Speaker: Marc Roston
Date: February 2021

SFI Seminar: Blended Finance for State-led Decarbonization

Speaker: Esther Choi
Date: January 2021

Energy Seminar: Options Towards Net Zero CO2 Emissions in Brazil

Speaker: Joaquim Levy
Date: May 2020

Energy Seminar: A Climate Risk Assessment of Sovereign Bonds' Portfolio

Speaker: Irene Monasterolo
Speaker: April 2019

Other SFI Videos

ClimateCAP MBA Academy: "Settling Climate Accounts: The Road to Net Zero"

Speaker: Alicia Seiger
Date: October 2023

Policy Practicum: Structuring Effective Carbon Markets

Instructors: Thomas Heller, Marc Roston, and Alicia Seiger
Date: May 2023

Carbon Offsets

Speakers: Robert Kaplan, Karthik Ramanna, and Marc Roston
Date: March 2023

Limits to Growth: What’s Holding Back the Carbon Market?

SFI Speaker: Alicia Seiger
Date: March 2023

Climate: Politics, Finance and Infrastructure (LAW 2513) Final Presentations

Instructors: Kate Gordon and Alicia Seiger
Date: Winter 2021

SFI | STC Virtual Open House for Students

Speakers: Jeffrey Ball, Esther Choi, Soh Young In, Marc Roston, Gireesh Shrimali, and Uday Varadarajan
Date: November 2020

Sustainable Finance: Energy@ Stanford & SLAC 2020

Speaker: Alicia Seiger
Date: September 2020

Global Energy Dialogues: Sustainable Energy Finance

Speakers: Anne Finucane, Richard Kauffman, Arun Majumdar, and Alicia Seiger
Date: September 2020

Energy Seminar: Legal Issues Impacting the Clean Energy Transition

Speaker: David J. Hayes
Date: April 2020

Sustainable Finance: Energy@Stanford & SLAC 2019

Speakers: Esther Choi and Gireesh Shrimali
Date: September 2019

Energy Investments Dialogue

Speakers: Sally Benson and Brian Moynihan
Date: November 2018

Energy Investments Dialogue

Speakers: Bill Gates and Arun Majumdar
November 2018

Energy Investments Dialogue

Speakers: Thomas Heller and Joaquim Levy
Date: November 2018

Sustainable Finance Initiative

Speakers: Thomas Heller and Alicia Seiger
Date: November 2018